A downloadable game for Windows

Shoot the skull, then pick it up and then shoot again.

Kill the Ghost using the skull, and don't let him take it.

Thanks for trying this wild creation of mine.
Mind you! It is incomplete, and still in alpha.

Install instructions

Please Read the How To Play for Easy Playing!


Moon - Kill Your Ghost.zip 2 MB


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Offers very minimal gameplay experience, but it's an interesting idea and I could see this being expanded into different kind of levels. But what's there now is good.

If you're interested, you could maybe enter our contest!

Hi, I'd love to enter your contest. How do I enter?

You can do it on our site: www.thegdwc.com. Just select either "Register" or "Enroll Now!" and you get to create an account, under which games can be entered. Thanks for the interest!

This game has potential. The concept is very interesting.

Thank you for your great comments : )